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Voyager encounters the outer boundary of the Solar System

Voyager encounters the outer boundary of the Solar System. The small bright dot represents our Sun

Voyager is now an Interstellar Spacecraft! I was one of many Florida kids touched by humankind’s amazing journey to space by virtue of our proximity to the NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. My father was a supplier of high pressure systems to many of the programs at NASA and his insider knowledge and personal stories fueled my geeky fascination with space science. I was 13 years old when Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 were launched in 1977 and hurled toward the outer limits of our galaxy. Their mission even captured the imagination of science fiction writers, who made a Star Trek movie based on the possibilities of Voyager’s seemingly infinite journey of interstellar travel. This week, almost 40 years after launch and with a Star Trek twist of humor, NASA scientists announced that they could be sure that Voyager 1 has traveled beyond the reach of our Sun’s solar winds and out into the interstellar space of our Milky Way galaxy. I know there are so many petty, small and shallow things to which the newsmakers and the media culture want to draw your attention today. But take a moment to be transported to the mysteries of the universe, enjoy the creativity inspired by the tremendous achievements of mankind. See more of this incredible story Here